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Invest in a durable flooring solution for your concrete that’s delivered by a company committed to perfection. Integrity Concrete Coatings specializes in the polyurea garage floor coating system that will leave you floored!

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An empty room with a speckled grey epoxy floor. There's a brown door at the end, white walls with a visible electrical conduit, and no furniture.


Looking for Garage Floor Coatings that are Durable and Beautiful?

Not only will you be wowed by the durability and performance of your new concrete coatings, but with expert installation and attention to detail, you’ll truly be left floored!

Garage Floor Coatings

Add to your home’s square footage by turning your garage into a space you’ll actually want to spend time in. Even beyond parking, create a sleek man cave or game room featuring our top-tier garage floor finishes. Your garage can be more than a storage space; it can evolve into an extension of your home's style and comfort.

Exterior Residential Concrete

Our finishing services extend your living space and elevate your home experience. Protect your patio from the North Carolina sun and heat and create an outdoor sanctuary perfect for family gatherings.

Commercial Floor Spaces

Our concrete coatings can be applied in a number of business settings. Designed specifically for high-traffic environments like restaurants, gyms, kennels, showrooms, and mechanic shops, your commercial area will not only look more inviting, but it will also become a breeze to clean. Plus, we will repair cracked and hazardous floors, leaving you with a visually stunning space that can handle heavy duty wear and tear.

Experience the Difference with Integrity Concrete Coatings

With Integrity, you get more than just concrete coatings. From the initial floor consultation where you’ll learn all about the characteristics of Polyurea to the detail-oriented installation, our commitment to our customers and delivering an outstanding experience is our #1 priority.

1-Day Installation

Revolutionize your space with minimal disruption. Most projects are completed in just 1 day!

15-Year Warranty

Feel confident in your investment. Our warranty has you covered for years to come.

Quality Product

Say goodbye to chipping, peeling, and cracking. Installed properly with superior attention to detail, you can ensure your floor coatings will last.

Elegance Meets Functionality

Our floors aren't just durable; they're a statement piece for your home. With our installation, your space becomes the envy of the neighborhood.

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Learn More About Our Polyurea Garage Floor Coating System

We install concrete floor coatings using a polyurea base coat and polyaspartic top coat. Backed by a 15-year warranty, our coatings provide the following protective characteristics for your home or business:

Safety First

While they might look sleek, the aggregates in the top coat ensure our coatings are not slippery, even when wet, so you stay safe. Plus, our coatings are antimicrobial and antibacterial, ensuring safe surface no matter where they're applied.


Polyurea is tough, resistant to wear and tear, and won't peel or crack. Its quick cure rate and strong adhesion to concrete make it extremely durable. Plus, it can easily handle the expansion and contraction from differences in hot and cold temperatures.

Water Resistant

Due to their chemical nature, water molecules cannot bind to polyurea or polyaspartic coatings, making them water, chemical, and even oil and fuel resistant.

UV & Chemical Resistant

Even if your floors face high temperatures and UV exposure from the blazing sun, they will easily stand up to the elements. Our coatings also protect against chemicals and can be wiped away with ease.

A person applies a gray coating on a floor using a squeegee. They wear protective clothing and shoes, suggesting a professional epoxy or paint application process.
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Meet Jonathan, the Professional Behind Integrity Concrete Coatings

Some people say they pay attention to detail, but for Jonathan, attentiveness to the little things is a lifestyle. With over 25 years of experience working in the NASCAR industry, winning races and championships. Jonathan brings the same rigor and precision to his concrete coatings business as he did to his NASCAR career. His detail-oriented approach ensures every project meets the highest standard of quality. 

From the first initial consultation to the last sweep of the site, expect a seamless experience and a final result that’s nothing short of perfection.

About The Floor Coatings Process

Call, Appointment, Evaluate & Quote

Considering a professional to resurface your concrete floors is a wise decision, especially if you want to avoid the pitfalls of a DIY job. We’ll come to your home and provide you with an educational floor consultation, detailing the costs and the value you get from a job done professionally.

Floor Preparation & Repairs

The preparation that goes into our process is what sets us apart. Before the transformation begins, our team ensures your floor's foundation is perfectly set for optimal results. We repair every crack and grind your concrete to an even surface for optimal adhesion. All you have to do is simply clear the space of any furniture or objects before our arrival.

Application of Floor Coatings

Now comes the exciting part – selecting the perfect color for your space! You can opt for one of our standard flake floor color options, or we'll collaborate with you to create a custom color that expresses your unique style. Whether you're assembling a themed mancave or giving your supercar a standout garage floor, we tailor the aesthetics to suit your vision.

The foreground shows a speckled floor surface in focus. In the blurred background, two people are standing near a white door, one holding a broom.
A person wearing protective gear scatters decorative chips on a freshly coated epoxy floor in a bright, sunlit room.
The foreground shows a speckled floor surface in focus. In the blurred background, two people are standing near a white door, one holding a broom.


See why our clients have been floored by their experience with Integrity.

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